26 March 2009

LGG: "Jarana"

Whenever the royalist forces would retreat from the field of battle, the montonera would get together, in part to celebrate and in part to take advantage of the opportunity to get a lot of people together for a celebration. The story takes place during one of these get-togethers, which includes two weddings. The celebration includes a cock fight and the slaughtering of a steer for the feast. The choice cuts of meat are to be grilled up, as is the standard for Argentine outdoor events.

So, there's not really much of a war and not that much of a plot, but it is an interesting portrayal of life and celebrations in the Salta of the early 19th century. Included is a ritual where some of the steer's blood is used to draw a cross on the door of the house outside of which the celebration is held, as well as the burying of small pieces of meat at all the four corners of the house.

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