15 March 2009

LGG: "Sorpresa"

This story is about a band of montoneros who are led by a captain who happens to be literate. The captain wishes he could get a hold of a bugle, because he feels the ability to sound off with a bugle would make give his men a fighting edge. One day, the meet up with an old blind guitarist who ends up joining their band. The guitarist composes a song for them, and the men of the group end up learning it. One night, while they are camped out, they are snuck up on and attacked by the royalist troops. At first, the men scatter, but then the blind guitarist begins to play the fighters' song. The men rally. And even though they are all killed, they fight bravely all the way until the end.

The stories may be growing on me, because I liked this one a little bit more than the previous stories. It does have something resembling an actual plot, although the idea of a bugle for what are essentially guerrilla forces struck me as a bit silly.

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