27 March 2009

LGG: "Tactica"

After a story which pretty much relegates the war to the background, "Tactica" takes us back to the hear of the war. The story regards a battle between a large contingent of royalist forces and an even larger force of montoneros. But first, Lugones spends some time on the toll that the long campaign has taken on both sides. Although this is a theme that he's brought up before, it added to the realism of the account.

One thing I realized is that Lugones' descriptive powers are interesting but thhere's something about the language I find challenging. One description of a fire seemed hard to follow, until I looked up a couple of works and realized that he was comparing it to the mane of a red horse. Considering the importance of the horse in gaucho culture, it seemed like a pretty apt metaphor.

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